About The Company

The Loft Auctioneers' head office is situated at 4 Geldenhuis Road, Malvern East with branches in Germiston and Umbilo, Kwazulu Natal.

Trading goods and ware began many centuries ago, and bartering was common place in the industry. Not much has changed since then, with the exception that goods are now exchanged for currency, and traders are still pursuing maximum gain for their wares. Auctioneering too endeavors to maximize returns on the products… but the purchaser decides what he can afford, and is prepared to bid.

Unlike run of the mill auctions, some of which are trying to sell of well used and sometimes inoperative and inferior products, The Loft Auctioneers has taken the stance of auctioning QUALITY products, most of which is guaranteed, to the general public


The Loft Auctioneers' mission is to become the leading vendor of end of range, refurbished, or stagnant stock items, but not limited to such. The Loft Auctioneers will through a combination of range, variety, quality and affordability become the preferred option for the prospective purchaser.

Marketing budgets managed realistically. The is always a temptation to increase growth at the expense of profits; we will keep a close eye on this temptation in order to live up to our plan

Sustaining controlled growth in order to service the public across the country efficiently.